Plastic zipper packaging is probably one of the most creative packaging in recent years. Transparent zip closure bags are the definition of easy and convenient closure. A quick move and you have complete protection of your products against any external variables.

Zipper zipper pouches are the ideal packaging for garments, socks / tights, electrical / electronic materials, food, vegetables, micromaterials, perfumes, seeds, tea, jewelry as well as for parts where the product needs to be used.

If you want the best for your customers, plastic zipper packaging for your products is a must-have. Choose from a variety of color combinations and prints that will beautify your brand and make it easier for your customers. For even easier use, pack the products into zipper lock bags with a zip / lock clip.

For raw material, we recommend choosing between low-flow polyethylene (LDPE) if you want to give a glossy appearance, high-flow polyethylene (HDPE) for discreet matte presence or polypropylene (PP) for crystal transparency.

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